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eICD: The Electronic International Classification of Disease 2003 Edition

For the real life solution to complicated ICD-9-CM coding, you may search The eICD or use the outline feature to find and print just the diagnosis codes you want.  We also have the Official ICD-9-CM Coding Guidelines online.


General Instructions

  • All codes listed are as specific as possible. No additional digits will be required.
  • Print as many copies as you like and place them in a three ring binder (printing on 3 hole punched paper available at all office supply stores makes the whole process easier).
  • Organize the binder alphabetically or by subject. Click here to see examples of sections in a model binder.

eICD Search Instructions

Instructions for using The eICD in Outline format

EHCPCS Instructions

Examples of custom coding manuals

eICD Instructions

    The ability to search the entire eICD is its most useful and innovative feature. With it you will be able to search the entire eICD to find all related ICD-9-CM codes.

1. Simply enter any words or phrases used to characterize the diagnoses you are looking for in the box labeled "CRITERIA" (i.e., pelvic fracture, or viral pneumonia). Word order and capitalization are not important.  The criteria gallbladder infection yields the same results as INFECTION gallbladder

2. Enter any words, phrases or diagnoses you wish to exclude in the box labeled "EXCLUDE" (Hint: Because the clinical conditions seen in Tuberculosis and Syphilis are so widespread and varied you may wish to exclude these diagnoses in your searches).

3.  Complete spelling is not mandatory.  Enter only the portion of the word that you know.  For example, if you do not know if schidzophrenia or schizophrenia is correct you may enter sch ophrenia or phrenia in the CRITERIA box.

4. Please do not use any special characters such as quote ("), asterisk (*), pound(#), or question mark (?), as they will not be recognized and, in some cases, will negate your search.

Start an eICD Search                  

EHCPCS Instructions

  Similar to The eICD, you may search EHCPCS to find any HCPCS code (HCPCS codes are codes for products and services such as drugs, medical devices, and prosthetics).  By selecting a Class other than "***", you may narrow your search to a specific class within the EHCPCS.  Likewise, by leaving the criteria empty your search will return an entire class.


To search for all codes that include mycin, enter mycin in the criteria and click submit.

Criteria = mycin

To search for all codes that include mycin except erythromycin enter mycin in Criteria and erythromycin in Exclude:

Criteria = mycin

Exclude = erythromycin

To search for all "J" codes that include vaccine enter vaccine in Criteria select the J class:

Criteria = vaccine

Exclude =

Class = J: Drugs Administered including Oral and Chemotherapy

           Start an EHCPCS Search

eICD Outline

This represents a tabular list of the entire eICD in outline format.  To find a code using the Outline:

1.  Select a Class:  A Class is a broad group of diagnoses (e.g., NEOPLASMS, or DISEASES OF THE NERVOUS SYSTEM & SENSE ORGANS).

2.  Select a Category:   The Category level is a subset of Class. A Category may have many diagnoses associated with it and is more specific than Class.   Click the check box next to each Category you wish to see in your results.   Click the button labeled SHOW ALL DIAGNOSES IN THIS CLASS to see all the diagnoses for a particular Class.

3.  Click the SUBMIT button to see your results.  Click the RESET button to clear your Category selections.  After selecting the diagnosis Category you will see all the diagnosis codes associated with that Category.  Codes at the level of Diagnosis are as specific as possible. There are no digits that can be added to any codes at the Diagnosis level to make them more specific.

Below is a list of the 17 Classes available in The eICD:

Start The eICD Outline

Instructions for using The eICD in Search format

Instructions for using The eICD in Outline format


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