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Yaki -- yä´ ke, n. prescience, knowledge of events before they take place.

    eicd.com by YakiTECHNOLOGIES is founded on the principle that medical software should anticipate the needs of the practice. We exploit the seemingly cynical philosophy that practice administration is not a series of unique applications to unique events, but rather a group of repetitive functions that is applied to predictable events. At eicd.com by YakiTECHNOLOGIES we recognize that eighty percent of our time managing a medical practice is spent with problems whose solutions have been defined (and defined well) long before. Anticipation of these problems and the immediate application of their solutions is the goal of our software.

     Our core business is the development and sale of software for medical practice management.  Since health care delivery systems in the United States have been drastically changed over the last ten years the need for clinical practice software is growing.  Driven primarily by market forces, these changes have mandated a significant revision of daily operating procedures by all practitioners. While the merits of this evolving system may be debated, there is no debate that a void in American medical practice is being created by the forces of declining reimbursement and increasing oversight. Our medical information systems have been designed to fill that void by facilitating the capture of data at every feasible point in the patient care process.

    One limiting factor to managing and improving quality in the clinical practice of medicine has been lack of good data. Today, the commitment, analysis tools, and hardware are all sufficient to the task of improving health care delivery. But to manage, you need information. Our software enables the complete and rapid transfer of information from patient to provider to payor in the proper format.

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