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Thank you for visiting our site at www.eicd.com. We hope you will continue to find it helpful as we grow. Some people ask why we collect registration information from our visitors. The answer is simple. We want to be able to notify you in the event of an error or significant change to our database. 

The information we provide is detailed and complex. Because our visitors will be using that information for processes as critical as medical claim billing and morbidity/mortality statistics collection, we collect user information in order to notify you in the event of an error or immediate change in our database. A recall of data, if you will. Prior to publishing our site, we performed extensive testing to confirm the accuracy of our database. Fortunately, we have yet to find or been notified of any significant errors. That notwithstanding, if we expect to become your primary source of medical coding information, we will take that responsibility seriously and stand ready notify our users of any changes, errors, or updates to our database. 

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Our site was designed primarily for physician's offices. As such, we request very limited information. Essentially the same information you listed for your office in the telephone directory. eicd.com by Yaki TECHNOLOGIES has no agreements to share any user information in our databases, but we certainly do not preclude that possibility as our business grows.

Lastly, in addition to providing our users with information regarding corrections to our databases, we will occasionally send you information regarding our products. We are pleased to provide our users access to the most powerful ICD-9-CM coding software in the world at no charge. But please, don't be surprised that occasionally we will try to sell you something. Thank you.

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