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eicd.com LAN Edition: Stand-alone coding software designed for no more than six (6) networked users. Perfect for the billing department of a moderate group this software includes modules for ICD-10 or ICD-9-CM diagnoses and procedures, HCPCS, and CPT (including a zip code specific Medicare fee schedule)...more

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eicd.com Enterprise Edition: A robust Intranet application capable of providing coding support throughout your institutional or corporate Intranet. This package, designed to accommodate any size user group, has modules for the complete ICD-9-CM, CPT, and HCPCS. Separate modules for ICD-10 or ICD-9-CM diagnoses, ICD-9-CM procedures, CPT (with zip code specific Medicare fee schedule), and HCPCS are available.
With this software, case managers, nurse reviewers, physicians and their office staff all have access to a complete set of coding tools at all times. In addition, our Enterprise Edition Plus software includes a Medicare Laboratory Compliance module that can help eliminate lost laboratory revenue due to absent or improper ICD-9-CM documentation on lab requests...more

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eicd.com Content Object: While the Enterprise Edition software is a perfect, self-contained software solution for many institutions (plug and play if you will), some projects require more control over the user interface. For institutions and corporations that need to create more robust coding applications, we offer eicd.com Content Objects. As defined in the full specifications, eicd.com Content Objects are self-contained Java methods that take any free text (word or phrase) as a query argument and return an applicable array of codes. Thus, using the ICD-9 Content Object eICD(), the individual signs and symptoms of headache, agitation, confusion, lethargy, or dysphagia will each return an array of valid ICD-9-CM codes with their complete descriptions. Engage any or all of the elements of these output arrays with standard Java programming techniques. The beauty of these modular-coding resources is that developers can immediately provide full medical coding support to any software project capable of exposing Java methods (e.g. JSP or Servlets). One of the easiest and most useful applications would be to incorporate the output results of these Java methods into transaction based project, such as an online, real-time superbill or claim...more

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