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eicd.com LAN Edition
ICD-10 module now available!
An exciting new coding software package designed for use on local area networks for up to six (6) users. Perfect for the billing department of many medical groups this software includes modules for ICD-9-CM diagnoses and procedures, HCPCS.  LAN Editions with the ICD-10 now also available.
The eicd.com LAN Edition series is the small local area network version of our popular Enterprise Edition corporate intranet software. With all the power of our online coding services, this software allows full searching and identification of ICD-9-CM and HCPCS codes.  Newly designed eicd.com search engines deliver full content through Java enabled HTML pages on individual PC workstations and laptops without Internet access. The LAN Edition Plus also includes a Medicare Laboratory Compliance coder.
This software, created expressly for private local area networks, contains more content then our online coding services. Deployment time for the software is less than 15 minutes. Its unique design, provides maintenance free deployment with virtually no degradation of overall network performance for up to six users. 
Beginning at $845.00, the standard LAN Edition represents the one of best values in the industry. It includes all four major modules- ICD-9-CM diagnoses and procedures and HCPCS. A complete price schedule and order form for all packages is available in the demo.  Please ask about adding an ICD-10 to your demo! 

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For more information or to order an email demo write us at eicdLAN@eicd.com

* Network requirements:
Any LAN network capable of sharing HTML documents.
Individual Workstation requirements:
Browser(Java enabled): Microsoft IE 5.0 or higher, OR Netscape 5.0 or higher
Processor: Pentium 133 MHz or faster

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